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Anyone Seen this Van for Mafia?
I like VW Golf 4, could you find one ?
Okay looking now
Found 2, not sure which one is the one you want, they are very similar.
I hope its what your after
VW Golf V even better, thanks B)
No problem Big Grin
Any others?
Someone gone end up with a second hand cars lot

[align=center:1xnytz9n][attachment=231:1xnytz9n]<!-- ia231 -->6380313053_0965d5c723.jpg<!-- ia231 -->[/attachment:1xnytz9n][/align:1xnytz9n]
Yes B)

Mercedes Sprinter Police ... CF5912.JPG
Okay taking a look
I'm interested in that version in the picture B)
I found a sprinter mod but its a gta4 one and its not a police version, sorry.
Heres the link if you want it, so you can convert it or whatever ... inter.html
I'll make a search for that B)

Thanks for your help :cheer:
No worries
You can try this, if you want Tongue

[Image: 6dxy7t.jpg]
Just copy BMP files to Maps folder and 4DS files to Models folder.

NOTE: It replaces Black Metal, so that he can damage every car :cheer:
Haha, how did you get your character to look like that
Included in the mod as well as AK-47 gun, but it's a fiction. When I installed it, Tommy had his suit put on and there was no such gun.

But the car is fully usable.
I have something special for you B)

On the internet, I've found police motorbike B)

Here is the link ->

And two photos of it :cheer:

[Image: 0be203182567086.jpg]

[Image: e9d738182567098.jpg]
Haha thanks cole, thats awesome
I'm glad you like it Tongue Be sure to try it Tongue
I will, i'll install it tomorrow Wink
It has incredible effect together with siren from RDM Tongue

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