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Anyone Seen this Van for Mafia?
Ah okay thanks, is their any way for me to convert it?
Here it is

Search that list and ask hmmm...Mike. He may be able to convert it for you.
Okay thanks Cole, i have PM'd him regarding it Smile
Good luck, then Smile
Thank you Smile
Another Car for you, Honda CRV.
Thanks... Again.
I don't know how you find this stuff as i Google it and get nothing lol

[attachment=229:ie8b5g10]<!-- ia229 -->2005HondaCR-V.jpg<!-- ia229 -->[/attachment:ie8b5g10]
Try here
Thanks, but i looked through all the car mods earlier, its not there
I have no idea for that car Smile
Okay Thanks anyway.
What about a Jaguar XF
[attachment=230:2dqqyuqj]<!-- ia230 -->2012-Jaguar-XF-XFR-11.jpg<!-- ia230 -->[/attachment:2dqqyuqj]
? lol (Yep i'm busy changing everything lol)
Found only Jaguar E-Type Smile ... -type-1961
Aha Even Better, Cheers
Maybe someone else will help you Smile
Now I will need your help Smile

I wonder if anyone know where can I find Kia Ceed - I'm interested in civil and police version.

Like this:
Taking a look now
Edit: Hope this is what you want
OK, sir, I'm waiting B)
Look now Tongue

If its any good let me know and i will download it too lol
Civil version is Ok, but could you find police version ?

+1 for your engagement B)
Thanks, but theres bad news, i have gone through pages and pages but there doesnt seem to be a police version of the kia c'eed... sorry
Thanks anyway, you've done good job for me :cheer: :cheer:
No worries glad to help, if you need anything else just ask

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