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Site Feedback Small mistake on join us today page
[Image: mm5qx3.png]
Just noticed that it says usearname. Just thought id point that out to you josh or crazy... sorry for being picky lol
thank-you sir, i will make a note about it, :woohoo:
no problem. glad to help
I'd like to mention about another mistake. In one category, there's 'Help Catagories' instead of 'Help Categories'.
Thanks guys for reporting the problems, didn't even know about those, lol.
I never knew you were staff mike Huh lol
by the way mike, did you get my pm? Smile
I think your PM may have missed me, or something, I have not gotten it, please re-send it.

And yes, I am also a staff member, Josh created the site, and I decided to join and help out with anything he needed, from graphic work etc, we really wanted to bring the modding community back, after so many months of no mod sites, and a complete cut-off on mods, but yet eXistenZ34 still kept making his mods, and kept the modding afloat, wich we all thank him for, and with that, I did my best to find every original modder from the old site, have them come and join this very site, we started in July with 2-5 members, we now are at 1,000, it's not alot at all, but it is alot when you look at the small amount in the Mafia mod community, and reason for the 1k, Josh has worked so very hard on the site, making new UI etc, he has done a great job on improving the site as the months pass.
Ah cool, i appreciate everyone's hard work that has been put into this site Smile
I understand that Mike as it was the day before the PM stopped working lol.
The PM said that i had a car i wanted in mafia but it doesnt exist for it. there is this car for GTA4 though... i was wondering if you could convert it for me? Smile Cole suggested you Tongue
Here is the link
Link to the mod Smile
Thanks Mike
I wish I could for you mate, just really busy these next coming weeks, but I think after or during May I will be free, cause in these past weeks been ultra busy, lol, and I i've also been working on a conversion for the Delizia into IV and sadly had to stop due to my work, but as soon as I get done with it all, I am going to be alot more active here, I love to convert the cars and build mods. Smile
No problem mike, you don't have to but if you want to then i'm in no rush what-so-ever lol

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