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Site Feedback Re: Search box on category page?
So you can search the subcategory you are viewing without using the search tab, category drop down menu, etc...
What is wrong with the search tab? does it not work for you?

Take it easy friend Tongue - Cole
Well, yes, it does work...just a thought. Blush
I don't really know what you mean... a search for each category?
Search is here and it's the only thing you can use to find what you want B)
What is it that you wanted to say ? B)
I was suggesting a search box marked 'search this board' on the page which would only search within the board that you are on, as the search tab opens either in a new window or new tab and then you need to select the board you were on in the first place to limit the search to that board only. A 'Quicksearch' is what I'm on about I suppose

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