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Re: Mafia 1 FR Safe Parking
I gather from Gavel's FRE map where the 2 lots of secure parking are roughly but not sure if I have got them right. Also cars parked there (if I've got the correct locations) disappear if I go back there after going out into the countryside? Are these the only safe places in FR?
i seem to be able to leave mine anywbere.... but i dont go to the countryside
Unfortunately, the only safe parking lots are in the town. You can leave your car in the town anywhere you want, but if you get too much cars, the first one you got will disappear.

The best thing to prevent from losing cars is saving game before going to the countryside.
OK, I wonder what Gavel meant by it?
But who is Gavel ?
He used to do quite a lot of stuff on the old
i was there and i dont remember him
LedCM19" post=6232":1bn8o904 Wrote:He used to do quite a lot of stuff on the old

Is there any copy of his work ?
Well I've got a Mafia 1 FRE map he did with annotations and stuff. I'm sure he used to do mods but I could never get mods to work back then so didn't get that involved in mods. I think I've uploaded his map, hope this is OK
Yes, it's fine. However, I have seen this map already :cheer:
What is it? i cant read it lol
John, this is a very useful thing. A map which shows every point of interest in Free Ride Extreme. I've used it many times Smile

Here is the link to this same map only in higher resolution and easier to read
Thanks linikkis Smile

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