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Realism mod concepts
Unfortunately, none of your requests can be done through LUA commands as far as I know. All of them are doable only through trainers.

Also I maybe finally understand what you want to know. The clothes-realism mod is intended for Vito only. If the model is switched to non-Vito one, glitches will occur. It could be coded for all possible models in the game, but I don't think it is neccessary.

Some tests were done regarding dead bodies. Unfortunately, dead bodies completely lose interaction with particles, only character-character and character-environment interaction remain. However, maybe it will be possible to bypass somehow. To make the game think the character is both dead and alive (SetDemigod, messing with ".health" etc). So far please consider your request as impossible to achieve. My apologies.

Mike & CrAzY3AGL3
Guys, looks like 2KCzech played this trick well and all players around the world took the bait ^_^.
Casing is so far a bit mystery for me, probably it is a particle, so finding it and altering it s lifetime property could solve this riddle.

But regarding magazines and drums, it is not possible to leave them on ground. And that is because if they were to be left on ground, Vito would not have a magazine/drum model to load the weapon with ^_^. Seriously, this is one of the best April fools I have ever seen. Basically, almost everybody here assumed that magazines/drums FALL THROUGH floor. The reality is that magazine/drum is a part of the weapon. So when Vito throws it away, it falls down and looks like it "falls" through the foor, while in fact it gets teleported back the Vito's hand, so he has a magazine/drum 3D model to reload the weapon with! Probably done in order to save memory space.

Well played, 2K Czech.

What are these restrictions which you posted earlier ?
Andrashi" post=6744":31zdam58 Wrote:Unfortunately, none of your requests can be done through LUA commands as far as I know. All of them are doable only through trainers.
too bad
[quote post=6744]If the model is switched to non-Vito one, glitches will occur.[/quote]
I was interested in this
now it is clear
I tried your "Reminiscence of the hype"
but I did not like the camera
returns to shooting
weapons sights and ....

I really liked the fight
that the enemy's hard to beat
You can tell where I can make changes on their own for a fight?

thank you
Now that is crazy, the clip does not even drop out of hand, that is one hell of a fool, LOL. Maybe when we can crack open the 3D files etc, we can make it happen like Mafia I.
Cole Phelps" post=6750":h2gzw77b Wrote:Andrashi
What are these restrictions which you posted earlier ?

I am trying to give Mafia II a touch of realistic approach to the game. And limited inventory is one of all those small changes which will ultimately add to the feeling of realism.
However, Vito can wear an array of different clothes. And it would be strange why simple shirt with trousers can store as much weaponry in the limited inventory as a long coat. So in the idea is that different type of clothing gives Vito different options how much weapons he can have in the inventory.

Finally, if that was all regarding limited inventory, then player would steal coat-type clothing from the first clothes shop and would play through the entire game with it, which wouls kind of defy the intended touch of realism (who wears coat when there is summer and 35 °C outside?). So weather restrictions are introduced to give the player various disadvantages if he decides to wear an outfit which is inapproppriate to the weather of the selected mission. Of course if the outfit is chosen approppriately to the weather, no extra restrictions are applied.

I am not surprised you didn't like the camera in the RotH mod, almost nobody appreciates it Tongue .
Regarding fight changes, there is an XML file named "HumanFight" or something like that. It is in tables.sds. It stores settings for close combat. Close combat is a state machine. If you figure the structure, you can add more states. That is how new possiblities in close combat were aded in the RotH mod.

If you talk about A.I. (they block more and counterattack more often), then again in the tables.sds there is a file called civilian.xml. That file contains settings for melee A.I.

I hope this helps you. If I had time, I would have updated modders's section, add various files and meaning of values stored inside. However, I curently don't have time. My apologies.
Andrashi" post=6583":27n1s3dv Wrote:[*]General weather restrictions
[*]Winter day - no restrictions
[*]Winter day snow - no restrictions
[*]Winter night - no restrictions
[*]Winter night snow - no restrictions
[*]Summer day - health regeneration disabled and "drunk effect" present
[*]Summer day rain - no restrictions
[*]Summer night - health regeneration slowed to one quarter
[*]Summer night rain - no restrictions

Are you going to add new weather forecast, Andrashi ?

One more question - will this mod only in FR or in every mode ? :cheer:

Thank you!
will look
I found "/config/animengine/ver0070/human_nodes/human_fight"
but I did not understand the "civilian"
there is such a "/config/AI/brains/ai_brain_civilian"
there is such a "/config/AI/closecombat/civilian"
where should I look?

and you have restored the health of a long
and the image on the screen in the fog
it is very prevents play

I like that you can meet Marty
He says "Hello, Mr. Scaletta"
but he can fight with Vito
how do you do it?
That's a great mod idea, I love that way of realistic intense gameplay !

I thought about the big guns carry problem mentioned before, and maybe the solution, if it's doable, it's to add the feature to stock them into the car trunk. This way we can be stealthy without wearing winter coats.

And sorry to ask this, but, for players who loves this mod but want it to play without health regeneration (yes it's madness), after the weapon is dropped in critical mode, can you let enable the use of weapons ? (maybe you can release a version with health regeneration, and another without)
I know I'm asking much, but that would be great !
hi Andrashi
i need help please.
i would like change the name, clip size and max ammo of all weapons in mafia 2 but i don't know where and what file to modify...

psConfusedorry for my bad english i'm french
It's in tables.sds I guess. Use Rick's Tools to browse tables.sds and edit particular tables.
ok it's in xml files of tables.sds?
you know the name of the file?

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