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Site Feedback Things to buy?
I thought maybe there could be icons for our profiles to buy with our spare points... like cars from mafia?
Worse cars are cheaper.
Better cars are more expensive.

Maybe i could help in the development of this?
Very good idea, John - do you have some concept about that ? Tongue
What do you mean Tongue
How would these icons look ?
ahhh right well here are some examples...
[Image: 1t0cus.jpg] Bolt Ace 1000 Points
[Image: j0gyvm.jpg] Bolt Model B Forder 2000 Points
[Image: 35iap81.jpg] Shubert Six 3000 Points
[Image: ruuz2t.jpg] Bolt V8 Roadster 3500 Points

Points are just a rough estimate...
And what about my favourite car - Silver Fletcher ? Confusedilly:
Hm... thats luxury.... 10,000? B)
Mike, Crazy, Josh...
Do you think this is a good idea? could it be done?
that signaure is to much your using 1/2 sheet reduce it.
Okay will do crazy
That better?
That awsome, but it would be nicer if one of the picture frame has mafia 2
thanks for you comment. but i don't play mafia 2 anymore Tongue lol
Crazy, what do you think of the icons idea?
there greats. :lol:
Do you think this could be put into the site?
I am willing to do all the images and prices
It was establish by Joshua the price of download, you have to consider that is not everyone that have has much then you.
I see your point, but if you have too many points, there is the option to spend them...
we will find a way to make you spend them.
Well... i guess it was worth a try Sad

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