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Re: No "Titanic" in PS3 version of Mafia 2
We all beleive that we bought just 1/2 of a game
They had to remove certain things to increase the frame rate in Mafia 2. The developers originally said that there would be ''differences between each version.'' Some console games lose a lot of content compared to the PC-original when they are ported; for example in Mafia 1 there were several differences between the console versions and the PC-version. For example on consoles players couldn't choose what kind of weather they wan't in freeride, couldn't choose the level of police, no gas stations, removed cutscenes and parts in missions, horrible loading times (even when crossing a bridge to another part of the city) terrible graphics etc. I guess it was the same thing with Mafia 2, though every version lacked somewhat quality (bugs etc.)
If I'm correct pc and xbox versions are both DVD whereas ps3 is blu-ray. This creates difficulties when porting games to blu-ray. I think this is the reason why PS3 ports of games can be somewhat inferior to other platforms.

Just my two cents.
CrAzY3AGL3" post=6441":42eg1bmf Wrote:Well I know about missing mission and some other stuff but some models also seem unfinished like the steam train.
This train stops and he looks good
but the train that moves and planes look terrible
Oh well, this is one of the reasons why I prefer PC-games. I have the ps3 version and I've seen that it lacks a lot from the other versions.

Damn, how did you do it ? Smile
Cole Phelps
this with the injector
just to see how it looks in the vicinity

another train of the second chapter
Could you please give me this commands ? Wink
Cole Phelps
a set of different teams
it is difficult to describe
and there is nothing of interest
just made to look like it looks in the vicinity
but as you can see it is quite ugly

there was another train in Riverside
when we go to Mike
but I do not remember at what point it was
can someone remind me
I want to see him too
There were lots of occasions to go to Mike, even in the DLC's - so in this case I don't remember train at Mike's :cheer:
Another military plane "B17" of the second chapter
slightly better
but still low-quality
And what about this ?

How is it possible ? Wink
zahar999" post=7863":2p4wtrpf Wrote:Another military plane "B17" of the second chapter
slightly better
but still low-quality[/spoiler]

hot doog B)
Cole Phelps" post=10693":1ykfaifz Wrote:And what about this ?
How is it possible ? Wink

it is an illusion
hidden player model
rapid movement
is the injector
plus superimposed sound of a train and music
creates the effect of looks like an original
There's no grass either and PS3 has the worst quality of the game from a comparison video I watched

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