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Site Feedback Deleted topic?
Hi guys! Hi, I didn't know where exactly can post it, or who I can contact about this, so sorry if I am in bad category. Well, I had a topic about my first Mafia mod, it was called Mafia Accessible main menu room. I'd like to ask, why it is deleted? It's not even shown in "locked topics", it's just deleted and I'd like to know the reason for deleting it Sad
EDIT: I just realized, that my mod was also deleted from downloads section. I don't get it.
Dont worry,ist not your fault.Joshua had some cock-up or something and it deleted several things + posts,private messages,friendships etc which happened in the past 2 days i think?
You can create a topic about it again if you wish to have it back
Thank you, guys. Well, if I didn't break any rule, l'll create it once again B)
Topics, downloads, friendships, karmas, posts etc. created within one day have been deleted.
Yeah, I noticed it ex-post. Sorry for posting before looking for facts Sad

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