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Time traveling paradox in Mafia
I just made a script that allows to travel in time from Tutorial to Mission 6. Time travelling paradox occured, there were two Tommys and you were able to control both in a same time :o

Very interesting find.
I just used changemission command and set MISE06-AUTODROM;start13 as destination point. I think it will work in every mission, where there's a Player in Object definition.
Haha nice video vapno92. The funniest thing was to drive a car by Tommy-worker :lol:

Do you think time travel is possible in the last chapter ? I mean a travel to a gallery :cheer:
Yes i know.But you need to add things such as detector_waitforuse etc..Because if you dont it will change your mission in a moment when you play the original one.
This "two players" thing will work only in a mission where there is Tommy already such as salieri bar,Sara mission.
Everything is possible, I'm now trying to figure out, how change_mission function works. You can type only name of the mission (then mission just start from beginning), or you can type also point where exactly in mission you must appear after loading it (used for example in trasition from countryside to city). There is also a number, by I don't know meaning of that number Sad
change_mission "mise07-saliery", "", -1
To select a place where to spawn you must create one in Bscript insert-"other"
Than just place it in the map you wish to spawn in MWE.(The map which will be the destination)
The number "07" has nothing to do with it.Its just a number of the saliery bar in certain mission.In this case the seventh mission.

So the proper script should look like this -

dim_act 1
dim_flt 1
findactor 0,"Tommy"

label 101
commandblock 1
freeride_scoreadd 1
freeride_scoreget 0
setmissionnumber flt[0]
change_mission "MISE04-SALIERY","load z TUTORIAL",1
commandblock 0

You must create something like "load MISE04-SALIERY" in Tutorial.Than create this spawn point ive talked about earlier in MWE in the mission you wish to spawn in this case it is MISE04-SALIERY.And it is important to call it "load z TUTORIAL".Thats the place where the player will be spawned from Tutorial.
So the script works like this
1:Change mission to MISE04-SALIERY
2:place the player in "load z TUTORIAL"
This is exactly what I did in my Accessible Main menu room modification.
I just don't understand meaning of this number
change_mission "mise07-saliery", "", -1
Thanks for explanation, guys. I also found another "funny video", this is when I was learning, how to apply animations and actions for characters.
vapno92" post=7068":m55jnp6f Wrote:Thanks for explanation, guys. I also found another "funny video", this is when I was learning, how to apply animations and actions for characters.
LOL nice 1
Nice video, vapno92 :cheer:
By the way, Main menu room mod is already downloadable. Check that topic about it Smile
Which non-playable places are you going to place in your mod (apart from "a little piece of Empire Bay" Tongue )

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