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Re: Let me introduce myself
Hi there!
I'm trying to be an active member, so you noticed me here for sure Smile
So let me tell you something about me. My name is Matúš, I come from Slovakia and I am about 20 years old. I first played Mafia in 2003 and it became... well, not just my favourite game. It became part of my life! I started modyfiing and deeply exploring it in 2005. By deeply exploring, I mean exploring every mission file with Capone, reading every single script with DCED etc. So it't a little surprise, that I don't make any playable mod yet. But I'm now hardly working on one Smile
Instead Mafia, I really like computers in common, also I'm doing DIY electrical things and I really like cars and vehicles. Drive, repair, modify, talk about it Wink
Well, you are such a great comunitty, I am really glad, that I'm here Smile
Nice to see you, I hope you will have a success with your Mafia Free Access Mod B)
I'll create an indenpendent topic about it, when I'll have something to show. But yes, I'm now "cleaning" missions from enemies and storyline quests.
welcome amoung us :cheer:
Welcome to you Smile
Welcome to mafiascene Smile

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