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Wow,it has been a while...
So hi everbody!
Im Dawgsaysftw,but you can call me dawg Smile ,Im not new to mafiascene,but I have came back since a long time
Last time i was on was i think october 2010 at
I created an account here originally i think in 2006 or 2007?.Well,I just installed mafia:the city of lost heaven again and im Happy to join this community again Smile
(also,rofl at the titanic mod,i think the original thread was created in like 06 so i hope its finished soon lol)
So hello everybody! Smile
Welcome back, I hpe you will find everything you need to enjoy your game at his best. Smile
Welcome to dawg Tongue
Hello, nice to see you become a member of our community Smile
Welcome bck Dawg :lol:
Welcome Smile
Yo dawg :cheer:
Nice to meet you Smile

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