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Like a Bad Penny, Who Keeps Turning Up.....
...but me?


I had left a while ago, gave up posting my work until a certain individual who remain nameless (AsaSK) dragged me back to


So I started posting there... Got into making little movies with mafia, and greatly increased the scope of Capoletti  Family Legacy Mod - which is still progress. Noticing a distinct lack of participation in a 11 year old game I started thinking of hanging it up.....again.   But I can't...this thing of ours is stuck with me. SO...when I saw that .net and .com were cooperating, I thought I would come back and refresh my stuff here, and update the Capoletti 2 post


So love me or hate me (Darren)  here I am again Wink

Welcome back good sir!

You're always welcome here. Looking forward to seeing your great works.

Let me know if you need anything from me.
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I am all for recycling amici...but you should have left those on your mama's grave

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