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Mafia free access mod
So, works on mod just frozen Sad
When this mod will be ready to download
vapno92:36a1gmdl Wrote:width=425 height=344 type=youtube]42EV1WcikmY[/video]
Mi scusi? Can please a working link?

Bonjor-bonjour! This is all very interesting and beautiful, but I really misunderstood: the location will be loaded separately or is it all in the freeride will be? If so, why do not you join forces with Golod55 - it also makes the mod, and it should be noted for a long time, and this continued all known CityBars Mod, second version - there will be 40 open locations, boat trips and much more. Of course, some locations are different here, and would even like as Empire-Bay o_O, but in CityBars Mod v.2.0 they already exist. As they say, one head is good - two is better. S přátelským pozdravem, Ozaki. Smile
Hello, Comrande Big Grin Yeah, I cancelled my works on it. It was my introduction to modding. I was afraid, ho am I susposed to model single new room for Hotel Corleone and now, I am creating completely new interiors.
BTW are you sure, that CB2 is still in developement and it' not just frozen?
It is unfortunate that this project will not, but it happens... most importantly, to the new project and the inspiration has not left the creator. The CB2 is not frozen (at least, the author has not abandoned it) - all in quietly but gradually coming! Of course, there are all sorts of times, but as I know, the development the project only on a person - and it's always harder and longer! Tak hodně štěstí, můj přítel, a trochu víc trpělivosti! Wink

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