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Kirov Arsenal
Hello Mafia Scene! I'm Kirov and I wanna to introduce my weapon for Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

Weapons from Half-life:

Weapons from [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Half-Life[/COLOR].

[Image: baef63abc982.jpg][Image: 1109ab3f250f.jpg]
[Image: 857aed3765b3.jpg]

Link: Half-Life
Cc???? 2:

Source: Half-Life (High Definition Pack), Half-Life 2
Origin: Valve Corporation, Gearbox Software
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 1,04 ?B

Vintage guns:

Colt M1911, Springfield ?1903?2, Winchester M1912 Trench Gun and Thompson M1928 SMG.

[Image: c42aa1639c2b.jpg]
[Image: 7afdc5abf818.jpg]
[Image: 083a63c85b1f.jpg][Image: 1cb18bfb1375.jpg]


source: Medal of Honor Airborne
Origin: Electronic Arts LA
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 2,22 ?B

Modern weapon pack:

Just a many modern guns.

[Image: 1a1d4f78615f.jpg][Image: 8e64bdfcd829.jpg][Image: 144e62e38656.jpg][Image: 8fca31cd1a06.jpg][Image: 6f1dfb15c813.jpg][Image: accbd7f44d94.jpg]


Sources: Half-Life 2, Battlefield 2, Left 4 Dead, MedaL Honor, The Suffering: Ties That Bind, Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Origins: Valve Corporation, DICE, Surreal Software, EA Los Angeles, Teh Snake & Napkin
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 99.7 ?B

Sawn-off Double Barrel Shotgun:

"Someone took the time to chop the last few inches off the barrel and stock of this shotgun. Now, the wide spread of this hand-cannon's short-barreled shots make it perfect for short-range crowd control." (?)

[Image: ae084ab2deb2d018a01278d94be68596.jpg][Image: eb0132555f059082e424cfb073054cb7.jpg][Image: 68e6c811f1dbf9bd3016d241d08d2d8a.jpg]


Source: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned
Origin: Rockstar Games
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 251 KB

Honest Hearts:

Thompson SMG and Colt M1911A1 from New Vegas!

[Image: f539dde3df7d.jpg][Image: 0f5da2b3360d.jpg][Image: cdd70e8c62cd.jpg][Image: 19ba03f247d3.jpg]


Source: Fallout: New Vegas
Origin: Obsidian Entertainment
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 1.99 ?B.

Casull Revolver:

"A Casull Revolver. The origins of the Casull are lost to the mists of time." ©

[Image: 852f42364ebe.jpg][Image: 34c8e2a65584.jpg]


Source: BioShock
Origin: 2K Boston/2K Australia
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 372 ?B.

Soviet weapon pack:

Dragunov SVD and Kalashnikov AKS-74 with GP-25!

[Image: 2fa4e46103b8.jpg][Image: b4166b128ac4.jpg][Image: 381ca5895282.jpg]

Source: ??? ??? ? 9 ??? ?
Origin: Extreme Developers, ? KranX Productions
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 2.41 ?B.

H&K MP5A4:

Heckler & Koch MP5A4

[Image: 06d845c4e425.jpg][Image: b8312b715638.jpg][Image: 66ce4ba778e3.jpg]

Source: Medal of Honor (2010)
Origin: Danger Close
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 796 ?B.

AK-47 and APS

Kalashnikov AK assault rifle and Stechkin APS automatic pistol

[Image: 06010c8010e6.jpg][Image: 9e71d8ebe237.jpg][Image: dca7a84626b1.jpg]

Source: ??? ?? 2
Origin: Orion games
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 2.25 ?B.

Colt M4A1:

Colt M4A1 assault carbine from AA3

[Image: a07faf7ac6bc.jpg][Image: 0be5e672c189.jpg]

Source:America’s Army 3
Origin: U.S. Army
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 795 KB.

New weapon rounds:

Rounds from Half-Life 2

[Image: 3311e6825bfb.jpg][Image: aa0887474355.jpg][Image: 74bd0a348477.jpg]


Source: Half-Life 2
Origin: Valve Corporation
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 30.6 MB.

WWII Soviet weapon pack:

PPSH-41, SVT-40, Molotov coctail, F-1 frag grenade.

[Image: 6a776cb5b2bf1bf7dffb3e3f584056c1.jpeg][Image: 1b670ba35f1ce97ed2f033e67d8611b2.jpeg][Image: 8c446b3c6adab6794e2e90a73bf3eb26.jpeg][Image: ab1a3cd1a75d8070502df66e1b4079e7.jpeg][Image: e74235e2e30328f06538a08cf6ed893d.jpeg]


Source: ??? ?? 2
Origin: Orion games
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 3.33 ?B.
That look awsome, thank-you, you should upload them in our download section.
So, some of those packs are uploaded into M-scene download section.
I am using the Vintage guns right now thanks.And that shotgun looks pretty good.Btw have you edited accuracy on those weapons?I keep shooting but in 1/6 it hits where its pointed Big Grin
No. In Vintage gunpack I change only models and textures. Accuracy of guns is original made by Illusion Softworks.
Yes sorry.I know where is the problem now Smile ..Also discovered a good way how to make shooting in game realistic.
Thanks. In Satuday I planned release a Tommy-gun from Bioshock.
Thanks very much for these, nice conversions Smile
Horror weapon pack

Some guns from Resident evil 4, Silent Hill 3 and Fallout 3.

[Image: 9b5a541c9ed0.jpg]
[Image: 6a30e60b53f9.jpg]
[Image: d8820223e2db.jpg]
[Image: 018e04300e9f.jpg][Image: cbb0771c0488.jpg]
[Image: 5ecefa2741bf.jpg][/URL][Image: b6240bd0c590.jpg][Image: 5e9c41eee85d.jpg][Image: 70756525eb51.jpg]
Its not all! There are a Tommy-gun and grenades from RE4.


Much attention is given to sounds of this guns!
Very nic Kirov.You could also do some from L.A Noire if you have the extractor Smile
So, I think that L.A. Noire guns are not good for Mafia because the have a bump maps, bloom effects and etc.
Colt Army Model 1860

[Image: bea161dc4245.jpg][Image: 97e82529bac6.jpg][Image: 2e0007c9278a.jpg][Image: ffb496cdd7b2.jpg]


Source: Civil War: Secret Missions
Origin: Cauldron Ltd
Conversion: Kirov
Size: 1.12 ?B.
Thanks. Yesterday I watch "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" and I think that it will be nice to made some Western-era guns for Mafia.
Nice gun mate Smile
Nice mod!
Im currently using vintage guns,Sawed off and colt 1860 Smile
I dont like ruining the game's feel and adding modern stuff Tongue
I will release my Western weapon pack at saturday.
Classic shotgun:

Remake of default shotgun from Mafia.

[Image: f3316397efc3t.jpg][Image: 1b88b5116786t.jpg][Image: e4ea26a26e16t.jpg]

Nice one!
Hellsing ARMS .454 Casull Auto

[Image: dfb26844af21t.jpg]

[Image: dfdbd23be885t.jpg][Image: 1690a5ec4c19t.jpg][Image: 61da9a4acba3t.jpg]

Nice conversion mate

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