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Kirov Arsenal
Kamelot:2q2ur9il Wrote:great job Kirov! Smile
Thanks Man 8)
Black Mesa Source Health charger

Health Charger from Black Mesa Source

[spoiler:2c62kkt6][Image: 85fcd5129370.jpg][Image: 50497afc55cb.jpg][/spoiler:2c62kkt6]

Kirov-MG:36o8gs23 Wrote:[Image: 50497afc55cb.jpg]

Awesome and very well detailed 8)
Nice first aid box! Big Grin
Colt Model 1860 is a great product! and weapons from Half-life, especially the crossbow! Smile
Кольт модели 1860 просто великолепен! Да оружие из Half-life, особенно фомка и, конечно же, арбалет! Wink
My new gun!

Glock pistol from Battlefield 3:

[spoiler:1yvl28m5][Image: eda1b6c1df0e.jpg][Image: 3a70687275dc.jpg][Image: 6b17c2ebcdeb.jpg][/spoiler:1yvl28m5]


Source: Battlefield 3
Origin: DICE
Convert: Kirov
Size: 1,29 МБ
Makarov PM:

[spoiler:2dr8yv30][Image: 91e7b372e99b.jpg][Image: b78980b3d6fa.jpg][Image: b59f0ccab319.jpg][/spoiler:2dr8yv30]


Source: Метро 2
Origin: Orion Games
Convert: Kirov
Size: 970 КБ
Kirov-MG:fip30u7k Wrote:Makarov PM:
Makarov pistole - nase sila a hrdost! Wink Thanks!
Пистолет Макарова - наша сила и гордость! (^_*)/
thanks once again for an amazing upload Smile
I think My next convert wiil be a Chinese AR, 10MM Pistol and Magnum 44 from Fallout 3.
Kirov-MG:1o85lrji Wrote:I think My next convert wiil be a Chinese AR, 10MM Pistol and Magnum 44 from Fallout 3.
...Mmm...Magnum 44... I like Magnums! Wink
I want to upload my Guns to the MafiaScene file archive. How can I make it? I must add a description with screenshots to the mod-archive before upload it? Can anybody give me an instruction about uploading files on server?
Hi Kirov,

Yes just upload a screenshot with a description of the file and we will approve it for you. Or PM Crazypreacher with the info and he can upload it.
For site support visit - Site Help
For mod support visit - Modders Corner
Submit Mod News visit - Submit Mod News
awesome !!!

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