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Chapter 10 Room Service
If you have a problem to reach the escape cars, there is a little tip:

after you leave Joe's apt, stop by charlie garage and boost the motor and change the wheels and you will find that chapter more fun. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
but you can still so
Mafia II/Chapter 10 Room Service/End Of The Road Mr Clemente

I did this almost everytime I played this mission, because I wanted to enjoy the most of my favourite chapter. For me Room Service along with the grease mission had the spirit of Mafia and were like these we had played in Mafia I. But anyway the escape cars are not so difficult to reach due to the imbecile AI NPC behaviour that makes them get stuck everywhere even with the guys who shoot out of the car windows's. In Mafia 1 again gangsters who were shooting from the car were deadlier than those in Mafia II.
Mafioso" post=8093":1a6ha3v1 Wrote:I did this almost everytime I played this mission
and so, too, you always do?

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