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Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v3.0
This trick was found by Costa in his FR achieved in September 2010.
costa used file inside "m04sqhotwheels.sds" in "freeraid_main.sds"
in "Actors_0.bin" there are 4 entity (wp0101, wp0102, wp0201, wp0202) used in the game in Chapter 4 (marketarcade)
Does anyone have any idea how I can solve this error?

[Image: fmtlb4.jpg]


I was wondering if Existen could help me with this problem on my JA Freeroam 3.0. It seems to happen very frequently after a certain number of hours playing on one savefile, or after driving a certain number of cars (I think around 40 or so). Is there anyway to fix the game or patch this issue without having to start a brand new save file? I really don't feel like collecting all of those cars all over again.
hi i'm newbie

your mod is very nice

i love it

the link of Cathouse Original have die

please reup this link

thank you

<span><span>Why do</span> <span>I get an empty</span> <span>city?</span> <span>Nо people,</span> <span>no</span> <span>cars</span> <span>(((</span></span>

There is a menu that lets you choose to have 40's or 50's cars and people you just have to find it when the button for it shows up in screen when you stand still.

Please tell me where to download Cathouse Original Files Setup for FR JA v2.0 or v3.0. . Link does not work ?

(en) Mod no longer available.
(fr) Le mod n'est plus téléchargeable.
None of the links seem to be working ? Can someone help me i just wanna play joes adventures freeride 3.0 ?
Hey! Can someone upload cathouse files cause I cannot play last missions in JAand the link is dead.

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