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Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v3.0
Welcome. I have a problem with this game, I say it does not work. During installation, choose the folder with the installed game. Then I go to play> Joe's Adwenture, 1 slot and level easy. While the game is loading, and then turn off and pops up a message that the game does not respond.
Pietr, you must have the DLC Joe's Adventures for use FR JA v3.0.

I don't know, I have not worked on it for several months. I looked Skyrim and his SDK provided by Bethesda.
and it is really damage that 2K didn't want to provide SDK for M2.

it's tiring to always have to find solutions just for use a little thing present in the game.
but compared to Skyrim I understand why they all stopped working on M2 in late 2010.
Well if we had somebody really experienced we wouldn't need a SDK from 2K and I have seen games that had no hopes of being modded but now they haven been quite modable since then.

Of course I know having a SDK would make things so much easier but manually opening up the engine isn't impossible... I sure wish I could do that as I love the Mafia 2 engine. Tongue

Edit: Please don't give up eX! I am looking forward to seeing FR JA Ultra! We are also really thankful for your patience and work you given unto your projects.
[center:qh8zysb4]Here are some new on FR JA[/center:qh8zysb4]

[center:qh8zysb4]FR JA v3.1 is abandoned[/center:qh8zysb4]

[center:qh8zysb4]Achievement in short, is FR JA v4.0[/center:qh8zysb4]
[center:qh8zysb4]New script with 100% entity Cathouse + all news, provided in FR JA v3.1[/center:qh8zysb4]
[center:qh8zysb4]already done some animation[/center:qh8zysb4]

[center:qh8zysb4][Image: 034092225261306.jpg] [Image: 1449b8225261312.jpg][/center:qh8zysb4]

[center:qh8zysb4][Image: d57697225261318.jpg] [Image: 758af1225261323.jpg][/center:qh8zysb4]

[center:qh8zysb4][Image: 2637be225261327.jpg] [Image: 9563a6225261333.jpg][/center:qh8zysb4]
Very nice, you made the cathouse packed with NPC's, good work man. Smile
Amazing work eXistenZ34! You have a amazing talent at working on the Mafia 2 engine!
[center:1icsmgud]Cathouse entity for FR JA v4.0[/center:1icsmgud]
Wayy cool!

How did you get the view eXistenZ34?
I go to a Cathouse, but it's empty, nothing happens
I downloaded , put the game went into FR JA, cathouse empty room, no one there

very cool

Merged your messages. Please write more expanded posts, thanks - Cole
I can't wait for JA 4.0!
when i go to cathouse , no anyone there
oh! i can see the cathouse have a npc ,but when i want to get out ,the game will restart , maybe you can fix this from v4.0
Hey eXistenZ34! Do you think it's possible to sit down as long as you like and just get up by pressing a button? Or is it possible to properly sit down with a button instead of using a command to sit in midair? lol
BomberX60 you read in my mind.

New systeme sit animation for FR

Player turns back himself in front of a bench to sit and at the end of animation you can choose to sit still or stand up.


we can not do better with the LUA script FR. only with the injector you can do better.
Hey I'm using FR JA v3, but can someone explain to me why Vito is not available in the menu? Skin Joe, Skin character, but no Vito.
It is very simple,
If you use Setup Joe Player, I don't see the interest to have a Vito Skin with the voice of Joe.
use Setup Vito Player and vice versa.
Very nice work on the redone sitting system! Maybe do you think it is possible to sit in the high chairs or tables in the food places?
Yes it's possible, but the problem is the file size limit, with which I fight for trying to simplify my script as much as possible.
So in the end it will probably not possible to add.

there are FR JA Ultra, but after some test it also has the disadvantage.
that I have not yet resolved.

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