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Crosshair mod for DLC
Hey, i'm new but i need help with a thing. I donwloaded a mod called crosshair, in which you install it to main story by replacing the ingame_gui.sds. But the thing is i want the crosshair for joes adventure, jimmy dlcs too. So i tried to rename the mod file and replace it in the dlcs ingame_gui but that made the interface in the dlcs bugged or inaccesable. So i looked into the files with sds tools and i found that only 3 files is needed for the files to work. Now i need to find a way to get those 3 files from the mod to replace the files in the dlc ingame_gui. But i dont know how to replace the files in a sds file or compress multiple files into sds format, any help?


[Image: OvNvhmN.png]

Come on any answers?

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