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Hi all,

If someone has either my "Business" mod or the "Private Eye" mod on their PC or elsewhere, PLEASE could they upload it somewhere or send it to me. I think I may have lost every copy Sad

Whoever does this, I'd be eternally grateful.

Thank you,

Hmm maybe Ruby?He seems to be a fan too.
Anyway wanted to put this on top :unsure:
Sorry bro, like you I lost everything I didn't have saved to CD

Boxing Mod (which since it is part of Capoletti would be easy to redo) and Uptown Mod which is just gone, along with some of my Capoletti work as well as your mods and others

(Redoing the Dam and the Commission meeting)
Sorry i don't have mod for M1 but look here. ... s-as-usual Matteo there are Boxing Mod ... dne-velke/

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