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Hi :)
Hey! What's up? Big Grin I just joined, but I think I have an existing user on an email that doesn't exist anymore, and I've forgotten all the account details. I used to be a member a long time ago, when the community had a different name (Lost Heaven?). Anyways, it's great to be back. I haven't been active in a forum in a while, but hopefully I'll be active here.

Together with a friend I mod Mafia. Mainly we edit the dialogue in the cut-scenes and try to make it humorous. We change it so that the story gets a different, ridiculous plot. We do it in Norwegian and it's mostly for ourselves. But we're starting over and maybe we'll do it in English this time Smile If we do, we'll share it.

As a gift I'm attaching a text file that we use when modding. I don't know if someone's done that before and released it, but if nobody has and people could use it, I'll release the other ones as well, when I'm finished writing them Smile
[attachment=304:2t1q6mnb]<!-- ia304 -->MISE01.txt<!-- ia304 -->[/attachment:2t1q6mnb]
welcome amoung us Smile
Welcome to MafiaScene haakonm
Thanks Smile Both of you
Your welcome Smile
If you need any help using the site, please go to '' and post a question.
Or, go to '' for various tutorials on how to do things around the site.
welcome to Mafiascene i'm sure you will like our community Smile
I do already Big Grin
welcome to you haakonm .
Thank you, everyone Smile
Welcome haakonm.
Long time no see boys :cheer: Welcome haakonm Wink
Cole Phelps" post=9051":2b86owvz Wrote:Long time no see boys :cheer: Welcome haakonm Wink
hi i hope you still remember me :p i was really wondering where did you go...

edit: i saw you went to grece how was it?
Right man, it was amazing :cheer:

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