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Free Ride M2ex by B1010
[size=6:podxexdz][align=center:podxexdz]Free Ride M2ex by B1010[/align:podxexdz][/size]
[align=center:podxexdz]Hi all! I have since January this year was developing a Free Ride, it is based on M2ex, I had many problems in its implementation, not working for locations, flights, was not the right scripts. While this current Beta version, I'll improve a Free Ride, complete and correct errors. The list of what is in the Free Ride:[/align:podxexdz]

[*]Random selection of 25 options for weather (winter / summer)
[*]The animation at the start of a Vito gets out of bed
[*]Cheats / Options
[*]The choice of traffic on the porch of 50 - 40 years
[*]Cheats / Options of cars
[*]Show Quest Dialog for each location at the entrance
[*]All locations are possible in M2ex ( ... tive-table)
[*]Do not carry the corpses
[*]Changed the icons, now M2ex distinguished from M2 can not be
[*]Saving is 2 times 1 times before loading, 2 times after Vito got out of bed
[*]Winter version of the car 50 years. If the winter on the porch of the traffic load is 50 years on the machines to be dirty white, not brown.
[*]Bodyguards, Joe and Henry, each in his bar
[*]The new icon Henry

First you need to install the files freeride, and then the language files. Playing without the language files you can not! While the current two languages, English and Russian

[size=4:podxexdz]Free Ride Files:[/size] ... Setup_.exe

[size=4:podxexdz]Russian language pack:[/size] ... _pack_.exe

[size=4:podxexdz]English language pack:[/size]

Attention!!! Because of the large size of the list of new features ~300 MB of Free Ride, Free Ride in the future, all will be released as an update to a version.

For all questions and flaws apply to the subject. Enjoy the game!
2 hours of the download for the set is quite a long time Sad

you should try Filefront next time
Sorry, could not find the other file sharing in the future, find something poluchshe
russia maybe you understand and with google Chrome it will translate in your language

Zahar999 use that site.
I also use a Chrom, and convert all pages.

Website is something all of the general community in Russia, where discussing the game, comment, add files (fashion, cars, additions), and interact on the forum. I'm there too, and develop a Free Ride there too.
Good, I'm glad to ears that, I will suggest that you can have your personnal modder corner, but please don't push your stuff by comparing it with another modder. that not fair to anyone, thank-you.
i'm soo happy to see a new free ride moder Smile you mod seems really good
Thank you. As you can see I designed this FreeRide since January. But while this current Beta version, I'll improve it and refine. Now make the option of opening the gate Derek warehouse, and bug fixes.
This FR is Created by Orangpelupa in December 2010 on

View also my message here ... to-do#8943
This Free Ride I have done myself, based on earlier versions of Free Ride zahar999. Most of the scripts I've used and your Free Ride zahar999. The script is located in the Free Ride language packs when I install it uu razarhiruesh understand what's what
I'm not talking about your script, but how we were changing the file to gain access to this FR.

it is not you who have changed :
- gui-main_dlc_rtr.sds in JV
- fr_game_director.sds in JV
- default50.mtl in JV
- content in JV
- content in JA

without Orangpelupa, this FR would not exist

and you have too trend has used the info of the others without the mentioned
if you know what I mean I known for a very long time mafiapub

Thanks to:
Bullet7, Costa, eXistenZ34, Relight, Rick, t0ny, TheWhiteMIC, and everyone from mafiascene.
I also wrote that the mod is based on M2ex, what's the problem? And I'm not saying that I did M2ex.
I remembered more of the addressed, Thanks zahar999

B1010 it's just to inform people.

When you use my script animation on "mafiapub", you boast your work.
after you wonder why sometimes I do not respond to your messages.
Have you seen my animation? I wrote the following positions, thanks to you that this made ??it possible to use animations, if you read further. These guys cloves of Modding Mafia 2, but the best in the Mafia 1. The next time I write, thanks for the tip.
I like your videos on youtube and I cant find your alpha v5 mod or any of your alpha mods what should I do?

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