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Script Car Entity
[align=center:3grwrbs6][size=300:3grwrbs6]Script Car Entity[/size][/align:3grwrbs6]
[align=center:3grwrbs6]there are different possibility, depending on the command "StreamMapLine"

used and different inconvenience.
1 Script.
already present in FR M2
[align=center:3grwrbs6][Image: x41zkh.jpg][/align:3grwrbs6]
just need to activate and position, no inconvenience.
game.entitywrapper:GetEntityByName("Hunter"):SetPos(Math:newVector(-1314.20, 1006.21,-18.63))
game.entitywrapper:GetEntityByName("Escaper"):SetPos(Math:newVector(-1314.20, 1006.21,-18.63))

2 Script.
For FR M2
Realized with injector in 2 step, inconvenience after activation "StreamMapLine" bodyguard Joe & Henry disappears.


[align=center:3grwrbs6]Download NEW Script and without error, here :[/align:3grwrbs6]
This line
is not needed

and you forgot to add the script
open doors for cars
yes zahar999, this is true, this script was a little old and there is even others errors.

[Image: sesncw.jpg]
[align=center:7bgc71qt]Edit : this is the site that is not writing what I write[/align:7bgc71qt]
[Image: 14avn94.jpg]
the site does not take into account the hooks (in red) because they are considered as Boardcode.
[Image: 21lsrxy.jpg]
But the command for unlock doors, is not good [b]*.[/b]

* (I have already said you on

"SetDoorFree(xx,yy)" is used only with:,yy) or game.entitywrapper:GetEntityByName("Car_Name_Entity"):SetDoorFree(xx,yy)
xx = N°door 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 , yy = true
[Image: 2r3ec81.jpg]

"": applies to all cars in traffic without knowing their "Car_Name_entity", as a Vito (player) is in the car.
"game.entitywrapper:GetEntityByName("Car_Name_Entity")": applies only to the "Car_Name_Entity" although Vito (player) is not in the car.

So this command should be added in the script [b]* above, but written like that.[/b]"Car_Name_Entity"))

* (this avoids having to break the window to get into the car.)
and another
together with many StreamMapLine for car
will loaded with enemies
for example
yes I know in "fr_cardealer"
then so

Vito soldiers
Zahar, did I see that right? Have you managed to activate the car blinkers?
DvT" post=9879":1jusjjiv Wrote:Zahar, did I see that right? Have you managed to activate the car blinkers?

No Wink If you look closely, Vito is not driving the car and he is not activating the blinkers.
something I do not understand the question car blinkers?

you can get any car
eXistenZ34 written your article
link to the script in the first message
flasher, i thinks he mean Direction Flasher (left - right)
as rahaar I don't understand "car blinkers?"

Keep in mind, that zahaar is Russian and me i'm French and we use a translator to understand.

toujours là crazy, c'est bientôt le 14. :lol: Tongue Wink
oui, 2 jours!
thx for tuto eXistenz

eXistenZ car blinker c'est clignotant, feu clignotant, feu de détresse

Zahar car blinker ??? ??????? : ??? ???, ??? ???, ??? ????????? ??? ?????

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