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World War II in MAFIA ?
Hi, look at my work on mafia world war II project...
<span><span style="background-color:rgb(255,255,255);">Always when something finish, so share with you </span>

<span style="background-color:rgb(255,255,255);">Please, rate comment</span>...</span>
Today is wehrmacht major, and captain
<a class="bbc_url" href=''>[Image: image.jpg]</a>
<a class="bbc_url" href=''>[Image: image.jpg]</a>
Very nice Big Grin

Looks realistic
Incoming update;




Wehrmacht soldiers and waffen

(I show 40% of all ranks, because they same , only is changed the collar tabs and shoulder boards)

The faces of characters, icluding badges i change later





<a class="bbc_url" href=''>[Image: wehr.jpg]</a>

<a class="bbc_url" href=''>[Image: waffen.jpg]</a>


(of course, sorry for bad english, i from SVK)


Wait for next update...
your work is good,


  1. Can you make different faces for different chracters that looks realistic ,please also try to make more graphical enhancement than original mafia 1
TO: dwapar bhatari -> yes i make original faces of this soldiers, different soldier different face texture




A Tiger Panzer in Lost Heaven. Please Look...


EDIT: The Treads is not functional, i work on this (this model is only a test for wheels)

I create custom model of tank, and many more wwII vehicles like(Panzer IV, Kubelwagen, OpelBlitz, Sdkfz 251 C,Jeep Willeys , GMC CCKW, Sherman)

thanks for reply ,your latest work is reeally inspiring ,keep it up and best of luck

I maked som changes on my tank

- new sounds

- weight is raised

- the max speed of this tank is cca 40 km/h


This vehicle can't reach the allowed speed Wink



Now i make my own model, actually Panzer IV Ausf. F2


Here is the pic...


<a class="bbc_url" href="">[Image: t9mvi11jx29zwn1kt3jl_thumb.jpg]</a>




Model have a incompleted texture, and there is more missing details like hatches, boxes, cans, etc...

Now that's something I've never seen in Mafia before  :o  very nice Big Grin

Next i have a incomplete Panzer VI Ausf. E Tiger (not a MOHAA convert, is my custom model from me)


and. Later i show weapons


[Image: tiger.jpg]

Next update:  WWII weapons




Weapons is fully functional (all) and replaces all weapons in the game (for weapons properties i have used my editor Wink ) Any weapon have a different sound (hard HEX coding). Now look at the screenshot:




<a class="bbc_url" href="">[Image: Untitled_1.jpg]</a> <- Click to large resolution

That's some sweet stuff! :O

Little update: Font (no-final)


<a class="bbc_url" href="">[Image: Game_2014_02_28_23_01_01_08.jpg]</a>   <- click to large resolution

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