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Entertainment Off Topic Re: Funny images and videos
thewildnath" post=10242":2ekjbjc8 Wrote:when i saw it on your channel and i was sure you'll post it here Smile
Smile Thanks for your comments on the vids B)
my first post here and i hope it will be a good one:

[Image: funny-09.jpg]
[Image: funny-picture-20.jpg]
thewildnath" post=10259":xl4qm4o1 Wrote:my first post here and i hope it will be a good one:

You made it Tongue
Have you ever seen an armed animal ? Tongue

[Image: 33ni6jc.jpg]

Parody of "Somebody That I Used To Know" song:

I'll get the ice creams :lol:

[spoiler:1urlit3p][Image: 1392a7ef4fda.gif][/spoiler:1urlit3p]

[Image: 85a8c3ab81c2.jpg]

[Image: bb0b23c09fa1.jpg]

[Image: 62ce6e004c8f.jpg]

[Image: 1846118d818b.jpg]
[Image: 781b47f720c0.gif]
Nice one Kirov-MG Wink



[Image: Lost_Dog.gif]


[Image: 9g17ckTuJO8.jpg]
[Image: I-own-a-nokia-3310-and-htc-phone...-I-ca...nse....jpg]
[Image: 24whes2.jpg]

It's a cat, who can swear Tongue
[Image: iyhj4i.jpg]
Jebediah ,catch this brick!
[Image: Gif_Construction_Fails-3.gif]

[Image: Gif_Construction_Fails-1.gif]

[Image: construction-mistakes-24.jpg]

[Image: double-urinal-construction-fail.jpg]

[Image: hilarious_construction_fails_part_2_640_02.jpg]
Ultimate house protection Tongue

[Image: defendius-door-lock.jpg]

[Image: EoWAbGhk1EuWZoQaEusSIg2.gif]


[spoiler:16d26vhn][Image: INBTnEP18E2VMBl9ZHSiCg2.gif][/spoiler:16d26vhn]
[Image: 1180811538013ky3.gif]

[Image: 3325fb9f82a3e6b6.jpg]

[Image: c2c60bb41df3155cmed.jpg]
Cole&linukkis: nice ones ,linukkis i know the first and last one(interesting movie)
And some GIFs Tongue

[Image: yGl4z.gif]

[Image: SYNwK.gif]

[Image: 9lyK3.gif]

[Image: YL3n7.gif]
-Hey dad, buy me a Play Station 3!!!
-Sure thing, son!

[Image: 4913865_700b_v1.jpg]

No-one's gonna steal your car in the USA

[Image: rEiXWq62QkSv4_Ca3BV2FQ2.jpg]

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