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Entertainment Off Topic Re: Funny images and videos
[spoiler:2tv6zvzk][Image: 1462eb3073fa.gif][/spoiler:2tv6zvzk]
[spoiler:2tv6zvzk][Image: 6654b254366a.gif][/spoiler:2tv6zvzk]
Damn good, Kirov :cheer:


Congratulations, you have just reached 3rd position in Stats
Cole Phelps" post=9612":25ycxvbp Wrote:johncena1

Congratulations, you have just reached 3rd position in Stats

Thanks Cole Big Grin

LOL Kirov :lol:
True story about Sony PS3:

Kirov-MG" post=9640":dt34447r Wrote:True story about Sony PS3: ... re=related

More and better games than xbox lol
Yeh PS3 has way better exclusives.Ive chosen Xbox for easy connection with computer and some other stuff too.
But i bet sony pays for it :dry:
I'm a PC-gamer and I never buy PS3\XBOX360\WiiU Tongue

Go on and eat your cheese than Tongue
No seriously.I just couldnt miss some awesome games which werent on PC Sad
forgive me my lord.
[Image: g600871547.gif]
[Image: reverse-1232227307_m_11073.gif]
[Image: 1243937260_guy-blowns-himself-up.gif]
JOJOXX" post=9661":2anav1s6 Wrote:[Image: g600871547.gif]
[Image: reverse-1232227307_m_11073.gif]
[Image: 1243937260_guy-blowns-himself-up.gif]

Good fail compilation mate :lol:
Nice one JOJOXX Smile
[spoiler:1agookmm][Image: 16e4d6b6f209.gif][Image: 4233345a5423.gif][/spoiler:1agookmm]

[Image: 82d76100fadf.jpg][Image: 4c4f4aeb3e1c.jpg]
Again very nice, Kirov Smile
Kirov-MG" post=9669":2vnfll0h Wrote:[Image: 4233345a5423.gif]

That's really funny, just like Spiderman :lol:
Have you ever seen such a dog ? Tongue

[spoiler:3nyyd4oa][Image: dick-dog.jpg][/spoiler:3nyyd4oa]

[Image: ae99b29e429b.jpg]

Summary of the Commando (1985) :lol:
Cole Phelps" post=9687":m8q26f0j Wrote:Have you ever seen such a dog ? Confusedilly:

[Image: dick-dog.jpg]


johncena1, this one reminds you something ? :lol:
Cole Phelps" post=9713":1o8u843s Wrote:johncena1, this one reminds you something ? :lol:

No, of course not Wink

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