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What We Hope To See In Mafia III
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<section class="entry-content clearfix">The Mafia series has always been one of our favourites. Great old-fashioned music, realistic elements and a fun, but sometimes, harrowing look at the life of a mafioso, Mafia 2 was a fantastic game. With the recent news that Mafia 3 may be set in Louisiana, we decided to take a look at we would like to see in the highly anticipated sequel.

More Than One Character, But With More Range

If there’s one thing that GTA V did well, it was having 3 characters. It gave a bit more of a range than the typical “I don’t want to shoot bad guys, but I will anyway” story that the series often relies on and allowed for a fresh new feature that open world games ought to take advantage of. Mafia 3 is rumored to have 3 characters instead of the usual one. These characters include the well-groomed business type Tony, the weak but loud-mouthed Mickey and the strong-willed and loyal Franklin. While these characters may seem rather clichéd on the surface, it is the potential of their interactions with Mafia society that could be interesting.

The Mafia took pride in its Italian roots and members could only reach an “elite” status if they could prove they were full-blooded Italians with roots in the “Old Country”. The fact that Franklin is a coloured character and Mickey is more than likely an Irish descendant, their involvement with the Mafia might be more restricted than the fully-Italian Tony. It could also give a social commentary to the rampant racism and xenophobia that was present in America. Either way, the diversity of the characters could certainly have more of an impact than GTA V did.

Better Story + Memorable Missions

Mafia 2′s story was good, but it ended rather poorly and a lot of what could be considered cutscene material occurred on long car trips. Not to make too many comparisons to GTA, but when IV did this, a lot of conversations served as filler to the already substantial story material. The conversations were just a thread of a character’s life or a humorous anecdote between the protagonist and another character. Mafia 2 relied on driving to give the meat and potatoes of the story, and even the cutscenes and character development were inconsistent. There was never any reaction from Vito for what happens in the story or when someone dies and it just felt off.

In terms of missions, there never really was too many memorable ones. From shooting up a diner, blowing up the hotel or sneaking into the meat factory, Mafia 2 delivered some quality missions, but the average/mediocre outmatched them considerably. While this is an issue with a lot of open world games where 1 out of 20 missions are amazing, I think Mafia 3 could deliver some great missions that could evoke references to top Mafia culture like Goodfellas, The Sopranos or The Godfather while still telling a good story and developing great characters.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-40244" src="" alt="mafia-2-hd-wallpaper-19" width="700" height="340" />

Set Up Your Own Operations With Your Own Gang

One of the main motifs of any Mafia story is rising through the ranks from a street hustler, to a top criminal. However smart or tough you think you might be, that is not an easy task for just one person. That’s why there ought to be some form of gang-building in Mafia 3. You could hire people through contacts on your telephone or go down to the local bar and ask the tough guys if they’re interested. Either way, once you start to build a reputable gang, you can start to make a little bit of cash. Maybe you and your crew could meet up and discuss robbing a bookies, shaking down a store for protection money or lifting alcohol off of a delivery truck.

The opportunities for making money should be endless in this game and it would certainly help make a lot of side missions which Mafia 2 sorely lacked. After a long day, you could meet up with your gang for some “friend activities” such as shooting darts, racing, betting on horses/greyhounds, fist fights or even just chilling out at a safehouse to learn more about your other members Mass Effect style. Mafia 2 focused on the story of Vito and Joe and I think it might be time for expanding that “blood brothers” gang into something even bigger.

More Realism

Probably one of the best aspects of Mafia 2 was being able to have a sense of realism with the game. You could pump your own gas, pay off a fine for speeding, go to a diner and grab a bite to eat. There was a lot of “realistic” aspects that helped give the game a sense of authenticity and it is often those small details that can help make an open world game even more believable.  Mafia 3 should certainly expand on this realism.

A day and night cycle should be included in the game that changes the behaviour of pedestrians in the city. If New Orleans really is the new setting, the population should get rowdier at night time and more subdued in the day time. You could imagine crowds rushing to get to the trams in the morning for work and big parties at bars and nightclubs at nightime. On top of all this, there should be a lot more interactivity with buildings and homes. You can enter any businesses and purchase or steal commodities, as well as enter housing at night to steal from them. After all, you are a criminal and you should be encouraged to try your hand at every crime possible.

Side Missions

While the main story of Mafia 2 was fun, there was a severe lack of stuff to do with the game outside of it. Sure, you could go to the bar and drink, or have the cops chase you down for speeding, but there was never any real missions to do. Mafia 3 should bring something new to the table and include a multitude of side missions that give you experience that help you rise through the ranks and play a stronger role in the Mafia.

Side missions like dealing drugs, racketeering, heists, hitman assassinations etc. are all crimes that Mafia members have been known to be guilty of. Perhaps there could be a level of specialisation with one of these missions so your character could be known as the Drug Pusher or The Hitman, granting you special attributes to become a better criminal, or giving you access to contacts to help sell you cheaper guns or cars.

<img style="-webkit-user-select: none; cursor: -webkit-zoom-in;" src="" alt="" width="700" height="340" />

We are eagerly anticipating the sequel to Mafia 2 and, hopefully, we’ll hear more about the sequel in the near future. Got a feature you’d love to see in Mafia 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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I personally would like to see "Free Roam" back but with a more GTA/Scarface approach. More "Open World" feel with missions and things to get yourself into trouble, make some cash and spend it.
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First of all I hope it will keep happening in the Old ages e.g. Mafia 2 1942 - 1945  , And I hope it Won't get "Too Modern". Because that is one of the reasons why I love these Games, because there aren't Modern Cities, Modern Music, Modern Clothes and People with some Ultra-Shinny-Super-Fast-Cars [ Although I know that is what some of the people really want ] But I would love it keep it Old-Ages, Also the Second World War Mission / Reference was really awesome and I liked it, So the first thing I want is for it to be in the Older Days. 

Second I would like to see some Nature e.g. The Free Roam in the Mafia 1 where you could visit the Forest. In Mafia 2 there is not much of a Nature, But I like the dam and that in Joe Adventures there is A little bit more of Nature.

Next I would like to see some Easter Eggs, Not much of them as there is in GTA V [ I'm looking at You aliens. ]

As far as you can see, I want to keep our Mafia Games keep being the "Mafia Games" and not to turn into something like GTA just to get Fans. Because if someone wants something like it, Then he can just go and play GTA, But this is Our Game, Our Mafia and I love the style and the way it is, And I sometimes hear from some people that they want it more like GTA but I'm always thinking: Nope. But I'm okay with your Opinion about Free Roam.

And about the Storyline, I highly loved the Mafia 1 and Mafia 2 also, I cannot say that M1 was better neither i cannot say that M2 was better, I Loved both of them, And for me the Mafia 2 story is All Okay. I don't have problems with it, I liked it, I enjoyed it and I becamed a Part of the story same as I becamed the Part of the Mafian Family of our dear Heroes while Playing it. It really touched my heart when it Ended. And then there was another hero Jimmy, Nice thug which I also liked, Then I founded out about Joe's Adventures and seeing the Joe taking care of Bussiness that happend to Vito was also pretty Cool. So I don't want any Big Changes in the Story from how it was till Today, But I'm sure that for Some People the Longer Story would be very appreciated, I don't need to make Very-Long story to keep those people Satisfied, Because if they make up some amazing Story-Line and then they start putting in some small missions in it just to keep it Long, Then the story would stop being as Awesome as it could be. I want them just to write down an Amazing story and I don't care much about Lenght of the Story. Because in GTA V they've had to create a Long story to keep people satisfied because it's different type of Game that always ends good and is about crazy dudes in Modern world with cool fast shinny cars with loud Rap music and with not much of a feelings in it, And then it's also pretty Un-Realistic with all those Bazucas [ Rocket Launchers if I spelled the name Wrong ] and Helicopters. I'm not a Hater of an GTA V, I really liked it, But I want to keep our Mafia Game still being the old good classic heart touching Mafia Game. But I'm curious about the Graphic it will have, Because the Graphic ways GTA V went is now too much Realistic and I don't like it that much, But with Mafia 2 It all looks amazing and great to me. Hope 2K will make an Amazing job with it [ If they even plan to create that game. ] But it probably be a different thing from what we seen till today, But I think now I do know what to get for Christmas because I don't have an New-Gen console that could run a Mafia 3 because it probably be Only for Consoles which will bring a little bit of Haters because they would love to download it on PCs.

As far as I can say, Mafia Series are my Favorite Games in the World and if Another Masterpiece is about to came out, I would be un-imaginably happy.

That's all from my of how I imagine a new Masterpiece if it would be about to came out.

By all this I didn't say much about Features that I would want, More of keeping it the same Game as it was and about The World in the Game, But when it's in Lousiana then I expect some Swamp missions which will make it Okay to satisfy me. I still think of some Real Features that I would like in it, But now I cannot write them, Even that was a Long text and if I write all at once and in One post, Some People wouldn't even bother with reading it.

Totally agree with you Europe!


I am not quite sure if the game is going to be based in Louisiana or not. It just says the new characters are from that part of the US.


Guess it's too early to speculate at this point.


Check out This Link with the casting call image! Interesting stuff for sure!

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One thing that interests me, is that one character would be called Franklin and he will be black. That is pretty much the same as in GTA V. And Michael is like Original version of name: Mickey. Yet only thing that is same with Trevor and Tony is the letter T at the beggining. Trevor, Franklin, Michael -> Tony, Franklin, Micky. T.F.M. I don't know why those names in those two games are so simmiliar.

I would love to see a setting around the 60's 70's or 80's, back in Lost Heaven. It would be a fresh sequel with a new era and it would be great to see how the city evolved through time.
Im not much sure about the City I would like the game to be in. But if it would be one of the cities that already was in games, I hope it will be much different, because I really am excited about the new city, but if it would be one of the already played cities, but with some changes and in new textures, thats not much what i want. I would love a whole new city, new destination to explore. But the Idea of coming back to the Lost Heaven, Or to the Empire Bay is very interesting also. Then there could be ways to connect to the old stories. Im not much sure if I want some connection to the Back Story or totally new, but if theywould be for Empire B then it would be nice if theywould be like once speaking of the Two Mafians that blown off the Biggest Hotel in city, or something about Vito or those of our heroes in Mafia 2.
I would love to see a setting around the 60's 70's or 80's, back in Lost Heaven. It would be a fresh sequel with a new era and it would be great to see how the city evolved through time.


That would be kind of cool to see Lost Heaven again.
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I think it would be good if in Missions and Side-Missions you could be getting Respect and Higher-Position in your Mafia Family, Which would give you more accesories. For e.g. there could be some Bonus Weapons that would be Locked by Rank, Or you could have an opportunities to call a small Group of Mafians with you, And the Higher Respect and Rank, the More amount of Mafians and Stronger Mafians with Stronger weapons you could call with yourself. By that I'm not trying to say that when you hit a High Rank and Respect that you could had like Hundreds of Mafians with you, There could be like some limit e.g. 5 Mafians Max. And also there would be Missions where you could Call your Buddies and Missions you Had to do Alone and Missions your doing with one of Main characters. And there could be like Decisions that would be changing the story for Each character and it all be getting more Interesting. Also there could be something like Dude with Weapons, Dude that Tunes cars, And if you will do some Side-Jobs for them, You could get better Weapons, Better Tuning for Cars, And better Prizes, Or even get some things for Free if you get Higher Respect from them. And as the First text sayed, Yeah it would be cool if Each character would be Good for something Else, E.g. Someone would be good on Thefts, Someone would be good for Assassinating etc. And each one would be getting Special Missions just for Them sometimes, And also Each one would be Playing he's Own Role in the Missions they would Recieve.

And it'll also be Cool if you could Un-Lock things like Cars, Weapons, Areas in the Free Roam by how you Progress in the Story and some Side-Missions. Also there could be Bonuses like e.g. In GTA San Andreas when you Tag all the Graffits you get an Reward like Money or some Vehicle permanently Parked to your House. Because in Mafia 2 you don't get nearly Nothing for collecting all the Playboys and Wanteds [ As far as I know. ]. 

If we have more then three characters it'd more or less be a copy of the whole GTA series and so on
Silly as it may sound, what I'd love the most is wheel support on PC. I loved cruising around in Lost Heaven and Empire Bay, so it'd be quite nice if I was given the opportunity to do it properly in this game as well

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