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Hey! It's a me Mari...... ehm, orangpelupa
Hello Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

since down, i left mafia scene (no pun intended) and then is up and im back to mafia scene (really, no pun intended) :lol:

Welcome back Me! - i said to myself.
Welcome orangpelupa, have a good time here Wink

P.S. You have beautiful avatar Tongue
Welcome to ,i'm sure you'll like our community Wink !
It nice to see that old member from .COM make yourself at home Wink
Thanks Phelps ^^
It's also the logo i used on my mod called M2Ex (Mafia II Empire Expander)

btw usually how long for room to be created for modder? i want to put my mods there.

Only Joshua can make your corner and has soon has he log in it will be done, I all ready send him a message regarding yor own corner, thanks for your patience
Glad to see you again here.
Welcome to orangpelupa, I hope you enjoy your stay

If you need help to do something visit here: CLICK ME
Another modder came up Smile Good luck then with your Mafia II Empire Expander Wink
Welcome on Board

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