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Hi there
Ohai der, Name's Mohamed, I kinda love to play with games files, get things out.. and edit them. (And then make them crash lol) mostly in GTA's as I don't know how to access LA Noire's files and Mafia and Mafia II's. A bit experienced in PS (CS3 though), I like to convert items from a game to another (Deleted my 3DS max though Sad as my old PC's Motherboard crashed) And that's all.

Welcome to MafiaScene Mohamed Smile
welcome amoung us Smile
Hey, nice to see you Smile
Hey.About modding.Mafia 1 has one of the biggest modding possibilities in the world of games.So you can do almost everything and its easy to learn it.There are couple Tutorials around the web.Want me to post some links?
Welcome here Mohamed
Welcome at Mafia Scene Wink
Welcome to you Mohamed Confusedide:
welcome to!I'm sure you'll like our community Wink

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