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Hello Everyone. I know most of you have forgotten me, if not all, but I've been here from almost the start of, but I am back on is back, and I'm glad .net and .com are now affiliates. Very good! I've gained interest in the Mafia games as well, and looking forward to playing the mods, especially Ruby's Commision mods. Great to see the community still alive. Rock on guys, I'll be making posts from time to time. Great to see ya all back.



Hey friend Wink
Hey friend Wink

Hey, fella'. If your name was 'Cole Phelps', then I remember you I think.
Yes it was Smile
Welcome back good sir, always welcome here.

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Hey, lighting, sure I remember. Good to see you

Hey, lighting, sure I remember. Good to see you

Were you under a different name? See you're from Lithuania too, nice.
If I recall correctly, I've always used this name only. Maybe it's just that when I first joined was the time you were about to leave it for a while. You're Lithuanian too? Really nice to hear, man. I thought I was the only one from this country still interesetd in this game after a decade  Big Grin

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