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New Mod: Violetti Mod
[img size=606x368][/img]
I've recently started progress on a new mod: The Violetti Mod. It will include a number of different missions adhering to a new storyline, separate from the original one. The story will center around Vittorio di Luca (I used the model of what later turned out to be Vito Scaletta) and the Violetti Crime Family in Lost Heaven. The Violetti family is headquartered at the Stage Bottle Bar, to which an office and a bathroom (pictured below) have been added:

[img size=606x368][/img]
[img size=606x368][/img]

The story's main theme is a war with the opposing family and the story begins shortly before the outbreak of the war with Vittorio's wedding (which you'll get to play through). At the wedding reception party back at the bar, the opposing family's men drive up to the bar and spray it with bullets - causing a firefight to break out.

[img size=606x368][/img]
[img size=606x368][/img]
[img size=606x368][/img]
[img size=606x368][/img]
[img size=606x368][/img]

Please note that - since the mod is separate from the main storyline - the models of Sam, Salieri, Sarah, the Hotel manager, Joe and Frank are not intended to depict their respective original characters. I've just re-used the models because I'm too lazy to re-texture and create new human skins.

This is all I've got so far, but I'll keep you updated as more progress is made. Please let me know what you think and don't hesitate to give feedback and suggestions.
Wow very nice dude Smile
Very very nice Big Grin
That's an interesting concept, keep it going! Wink
Awsome , thanks...
I'm impressed by this. Keep the screens coming.
Good work comrade!
Nice details Lassiter Wink
Here's an update for you: I'm now working on a mission involving - well, I think you'll be able to figure it out from the pictures below. I recommend clicking the pictures as the scaling on this board makes it look really weird. I wish to emphasize that I did not make the ship model (I've used the same for all ships, just changed the scale for the Cruisers and the Battleships), rather I downloaded the one posted in Kirov's thread and converted it to .4ds. The ships' appearance and names are not the same as in real life, but they are supposed to be as follows:

USS Mississippi (BB)
USS Alabama (BB)
USS Georgia (BB)
USS Birmingham (CA)
USS Charleston (CA)
USS John D. Ford (DD)
USS Yellowhammer (DD)
USS Bayou (DD)

[img size=1440x791][/img]
[img size=1438x786][/img]
What about USS Iowa?
All the ships in this fleet have names based on Southern places and things. Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi are all Southern states, Charleston and Birmingham are located in South Carolina and Alabama respectively, Bayou plays on Louisiana (which is nicknamed The Bayou State), Yellowhammer plays on Alabama (which is nicknamed The Yellowhammer State) and John D. Ford is named after a Rear Admiral from Maryland (historically a Southern state, albeit now thought of mostly as a Northern state).
nice man Smile
I've got another update. I've made a house for the main character. Once again, I recommend clicking the pictures as they are displayed very oddly on this forum.

[Image: househall2.png]

[Image: househall.png]

[Image: houseleisure3.png]

[Image: houseleisure1.png]

[Image: houseleisure2.png]

[Image: housebedroom2.png]

[Image: housebedroom1.png]

[Image: house2ndfloor.png]

[Image: housebathroom.png]

[Image: housekitchen.png]

[Image: houselivingroom.png]
Really nice pictures, this is a great house Big Grin
Nice shots, that house is beautiful Wink
Your house looks similiar to RubyDragon's interiors, did he helped you? Smile
vapno92" post=11809":k4f21naf Wrote:Your house looks similiar to RubyDragon's interiors, did he helped you? Smile
I only saw the same tiles, that's it, but then again, i wasn't thinking about ruby's Tongue
I just used the same textures as he did for a couple of walls.
LassiterSeries69" post=11813":2aot8xjs Wrote:I just used the same textures as he did for a couple of walls.
Yeah, and they look nice Smile
Yeah, but also way the interiors are built appers to be same as Ruby's Tongue

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