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New Mod: Violetti Mod
vapno92" post=11939":2gq86rbc Wrote:Yeah, but also way the interiors are built appers to be same as Ruby's Tongue
Yes, same and very nice Wink
I make my interiors same way Smile
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: y-u-no-guy.jpg]
Y U NO just model? :cheer:
I have respect to other people work! I don't want to tell you, what's bad and what's good for me...
I know, that it's easy to build the house that way, but I don't know. I don't like paper-thick walls and houses without any enviroment around it Sad But it's only my opinion and like I said, I have respect for other people's work.
That didn't make a whole lot of sense to me; but what difference does it make if the walls are paper thin? It's not like you can see that in-game anyway.
Actually i gotta say,it kinda does make a huge difference.When you scale a model of a wall the texture scales with it obviously too .So walls with longer scale look kinda ugly.And yea the paper walls you dont see most of the time but when you are opening the doors you cant oversee it.Also you cant add windows in there etc.But i must agree that its hard for one person to script and model and not go crazy aswell xD.Its better when there are at least 2 people on big stuff x)

example,imported vapnos flat in-game [Image: 2liaiw3.jpg]

Good luck with the mod interiors.
So, how the works continues?
vapno92:gfugwa5a Wrote:So, how the works continues?

I'll post an update for y'all to see in a few days. Don't you worry none, it's all progressin' slow 'n' steady.
pretty nice
Any news about progress? Smile
JOJOXX:2l1zp3qh Wrote:Any news about progress? Smile
As always don't hear anything... [Image: dq.gif]

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