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Cabriolet Car

[center]Cabriolet Car[/center]

Jefferson Provincial

For Summer Only

[center][Image: 1e5anl.jpg]

[Image: n3oy8i.jpg][/center] ... -cabriolet
Wow, very nice, I was wanting to do the same exact thing, but to the " Berkley - KingFisher ", Cause I LOVE that car in convertible, simply beautiful in RL and I bet it would look brilliant in Mafia II as well.
And you can have both models if you make a winter one with top close
Could you do this with Smith Thunderbolt ?
beauiful work existenz, thank you for making this game better.

Could you explain how did you make this, so that we can experiment with your finding? Or is it confidential? Smile
Very cool, congratulations 8)
Superbe ! Vous êtes un as, je suis bluffé ! Smile

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