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Increddible asset of modding tools
You're welcome Wink i didn't think that, it would be so easy B)
I downloaded your translated version and I decided to play with the faces Wink But I don't really know which file should I open to change the faces. One more thing - can I modify every face or Tommy's only ?
Open *.dat files in tables\dat folder (aa.dta archive).
farhad_999" post=11571":2x7pt9tr Wrote:ofcourse) here's link Wink
Thank you Big Grin
Did someone try MED? I tried and I am able to create face animation, but I'm not able to set anything Sad I set face, click apply, save it and it don't have any effect, animation is still the same.
Haven't tried it yet, I'm not that great with scripting so I don't know how to implement it.
Facial animations are used while talking. So you must create string ID in textdb_en.def, name your DAT animation same as string ID (same for WAV file, if you are using it) and ingame, you can use human_talk nn, stringID.
When I was writing Road.bin Editor and I was bored from it, I started developing some little editors.

Menu.def Editor
With this tool you can edit windows in game - adding, editing, removing items in windows. Menu.def file is in the tables folder.
[Image: screen06.jpg]
But I was a little fail, because I expected a little bit more things defined in this file, eg position and size of speedmeters, creating new and new subwindows etc. But everything in this file is controlled by Game.exe, so if you create a new window, it works, but every windows after new window will be moved of one offset, because you created a new window.
But you still use it to create some string eg to main menu with description of your mod, or you can remove items in main menu which are unsuitable in your mod. So main menu can looks: New Game, Load Game, Quit Smile Or you can totally relocate and change size of windows with items.
Some of hidden windows, most are accessible from Mafia Multiplayer Racing Mod.
[Image: screen07.jpg]

The second editor is Parnik.def Editor
Parnik.def file is in the tables folder. Parník is in Czech: steamer. And in this file are navigation paths to cargo ship, which rides in the city. Model of ship is lodriver.4ds and at the moment are generated two ships. If you want that ship rides in countryside, you have to import a Bridge definition into eg FREEKRAJINA mission. And link definition to existing name, which ends 01 number.
In FREERIDE it is: LLsklap01 and sklapx01. In FREEKRAJINA you remane it to eg: Mesh01.
Mesh01 is model of hangar at the airport, but it doesn't matter Smile
[Image: screen08.jpg]
djbozkosz when release date Menu.def Editor and Parnik.def Editor ? Smile

thanks for Road.bin editor! ^-^
Kamelot:12tby6a1 Wrote:djbozkosz when release date Menu.def Editor and Parnik.def Editor ? Smile

thanks for Road.bin editor! ^-^

Thanks too, I want it release not later than two weeks, because then starting semester and I will not have time to finish it. And they are simple editors, so I will not write manuals for it, but some simple readme Smile
Whow..... massive breaktroughs with modding tools and you create them while you are bored! ;D
You just keep impressing me with any new tool you show us all.
This might be a silly question, but can you explain in a short sentence of how you do all this?
Like, where do you read mafia's code from? and how do you know what you are doing?

Forgive me for asking it, but I'm fasinated!
Mr Robville:1712mt09 Wrote:Forgive me for asking it, but I'm fasinated!
At first you have to be able reading binary files with hex editor. When you understand for data structure, it isn't problem to write some editor for it. To write programs you have to know any programming language, like C or C++ ...

Little example with menu.def file:
[Image: screen09.jpg]
Fig. 1
When you open menu.def file, you will see like this.

Fig. 2
Then, you see some strings: srev, tniw, txtc, etc... Maybe, it is in every item in the file. You don't know what does it mean, but it indicates fixed length of every item - 36 bytes.

Fig. 3
Then, you can identify every item.

Fig. 4
Then, you have to identify every values in the item. But you have to know something about storing data types.
Int is an integer number stored on four bytes. Float is real number stored on four bytes too.
But every these number are stored with inverted byte order. I'm using for converting Base Converter with set byte order to Intel. I included this tool to Road.bin Editor archive.
In most cases have int zeros in the right and floats have zeros in the left. Then, you can safely identify all values in the item.

Fig. 5
Then, you have to indentify what for are all these values in the item. You haven't got a lot of choices, so you have to change these values and find any changes in windows in the game.

When you identify all values, you have decoded whole file.

Note: For programming editor - in the file is little problem, because you haven't know, how many items are in the file. So you have to reading items to the end of file.
Thanks a lot for explaining! it sure made it a lot more clear.
Only one thing I haven't got yet, How can you see these fixed lengths are 36 bytes? I do see the sections you marked but it hasn't made much sense to me yet what caused each section to start and end.
I updated to Download Section: Menu.def Editor Smile
Very good! djbozkosz ^-^ ++++!
Yeah, great work indeed! This will sure help me out a lot, just like your other tools! ;D
The 5DS converter and the lipsync tool seems lulz - wonder if we can make a Gangnam Style remake in Mafia... ;D

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