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Technical Help CD Installation hangs, Windows 7 64 bit
It gets stuck at the end of Mafia 1, disc 2 when copying/installing A6.dta, is it damaged, a known glitch or should I get another copy off ebay? BTW, it will run on my system, Acer 5349 8GB RAM laptop with Intel graphics unfortunately





I had this problem on my first ever copy after a few installs, bought a new one, and that was fine for a while then it did the same, I think both were on A0.dta though.

I think maybe get a new copy, but maybe someone has a fix ?

My friend plays Black Ops 2 on Intel graphics so you should be fine with mafia Wink

I'm not sure why, but happened to me as well. What I did was make virtual files (iso) of my game copy (not sure it's 100% legal) and install by mounting the images I had made. Cause otherwise I wasn't able to install too. Anyways, I've never faced any problems since. 

P.S. By the way, with a pc like that this game ain't gonna be no problem, believe you me Smile

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