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Hi everyone
Hello, Chuby here joining the forum. I was looking for some mods for Mafia II and mafiascene popped up. I spent a while going through the topics, liked what I saw and decided to join Smile

The main reason is that I am trying to find how to increase the number of garage spaces (like the number at beginning of this video: [youtube:14i18526][/youtube:14i18526]

Anyway, I'm glad to be here, look forward to participating and hopefully someone will also be able to help me out...Btw, I'm playing on a Mac...

welcome in our community, I hope you will find awnsers and good mods. Mike yourselve at home Smile
Welcome Chuby, I hope you will find what you are looking for 8)

Regards from MS Staff 8)
Welcome to MafiaScene Chuby
I know i'm late ,but welcome to mafiascene ! Big Grin
Thanks guys, nice to be here Smile
hi welcome to the forum

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