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Modding the MacOS version of Mafia II
As mentioned in my introduction, I am running Mafia 2 on a Mac, and unlike the pc version, it seems the mac version of the game is not so mod-friendly. However, I have managed to find a way to insert dlc type mods successfully. I used the disk utility to convert the mafia2data.dmg file from read-only to read and write and then replace the original (read-only) file in the package with the new one.

Nevertheless, it would be great if there was a way to use the lua injector as well...Any ideas on how to make it run (I could use winebottler?) on mac. THe problem is that I don't know where to place the injector since there is no mafiaII.exe on mac

There is a mafiaII file which is identified by the system as a unix executable file which, when double clicked, launches the game...

Any ideas?
I have had problems like that too also running on mac

Download directors cut,

open Program files,resources,Mafia2Data.dmg. make your own dmg with the same name,

copy data to that disk. Delete Mafia2Data.dmg in the mafia 2 app. Now you can edit the Mafia2Data.dmg that you made yourself. You can add dlc's or replace any data. 


-disc utility

-mafia2 directors cut

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