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Hello everyone!
Hi there, fellas! Smile

How are you? I'm Bálint from Hungary, and I was a member of the old site for several years.
I'm trying to keep good old Mafia alive. I like modifying and creating car models and textures.
A kind YouTube user (Where are you? Big Grin ) recommended the site in his comment by one of my
videos about a Mafia mod of mine, so here I am, and I'm really glad to see the website working!

DBG1933 (Bálint Dömök)
Welcome to MafiaScene, I'm interested to see your mods Big Grin
If you need any help, feel free to ask.
I hope you enjoy your stay 8)
Nice to see, that members of the old site decide to join us, a new modder is a A+ for us. I hope you will enjoy your stay.
Thanks a lot! Wink
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Welcome to our community Wink I'm sure you'll have a good time here because of the helpfull users.
Hello, it's nice to see someone from Hungary - I hope you will find this site good 8)

I've just returned from Hungary and I must say it's beautiful country 8)


Well, thanks guys, I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay. Big Grin

I'm glad you liked our country, Cole Phelps, thank you! Wink
Welcome on the MafiaScene.You are hungarian, just like me Wink
I wish you the best, here on MafiaScene Big Grin
Welcome here, my neighbour Big Grin I'm now near your country almost daily, my girlfriend live near Ipolyság Smile
Heeeey, it's really nice to see compatriots and close neighbours here! Wink Glad to meet you guys! Big Grin
JOJOXX:2fu1m2jx Wrote:You are hungarian, just like me Wink

I didn't know that you're Hungarian, too Tongue
Cole Phelps:3s8c74jc Wrote:
JOJOXX:3s8c74jc Wrote:You are hungarian, just like me Wink

I didn't know that you're Hungarian, too Tongue
Neither did i Smile

Should work now Smile
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joshua:6plr38q3 Wrote:Should work now Smile
Nice, thanks 8)

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