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M2EX Installer Source Code
Here i am releasing the M2EX (Mafia 2 Empire Expander) Installer source code.

[Image: m2exinsss.png]

What it can do?
Basically all things that M2EX installer can do:
- Making backup
- auto detect proper mod installation location/folder/destination for 64bit/32bit
- everything else i forgot.

I hope this will help modders making their mods become easier to install and help them making the installer.

Btw the source code have no license. Feel free to use and edit it however you want. But i will glad if you put proper credit (just put orangpelupa somewhere).

Source code info:
- made for NSIS, get it here (it's free)
- it is the same code i used for M2EX installers but added with comments and edited for easier reading.

Download source code from M2EX page

This is mostly useless for mod user, useful for modder.
Very nice! thanks for sharing this

Feel free to upload it to our Download Section Smile

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