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Site Feedback Not able to login from 6.00 to 10.00
HI guys, I have som issues again :/ Just like yesterday, I woke up at morning and I was not able to login trought password or trought Facebook, it just won't log me in. And then, after 10.00 hour, it will automatically log me in... It's so strange.
That kind of strange, it need moore investigation, plus you seem to be the only one with that problem :Smile
Maybe it's because I registered here trought Facebook?
And always when I try to login after 10:00, I get You exceeded the maximum allowed number of login attempts. In addition to your username and password you now also have to solve the CAPTCHA below.
But it succesfully log me in... :o
Hmm... when you signed up, did you receive a activation link via email?
No, I didn't.
Here's my story. I registered trought Facebook. I didn't received activation email, but I wasn't able to login trought password. I was able to login ONLY trought Facebook. I written Joshua, he said that he activated my account but it didn't work. When I tried to "I forgott my password", I received e-mail and system told me, that "user Vapno92 doesn't exist"
OK....I was using only Facebook login.
After "new" forum came out, I pre-yesterday tried to just "I forgott my password" and it worked!!! Password login works OK! I'm now able to login via facebook and via password and everything works OK. BUT... I'm using "remember me" feature. Whole day it's okay, but when I turn off computer and go to sleep,after 6 hours I'm offline and I have to wait few hours to login. System just tell me "Wrong Password" or "System cannot recorgnize your Facebook account".
Are you still having issues with this?
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I'll tell you tomorrow, today I logged in only on evening.

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