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Мод "Приключения Юрия Александро
I'm a little touched up mission

Cole Phelps:338dwtdg Wrote:
Asa:338dwtdg Wrote:This is true, too Wink
But French are very good as well 8)

A także Polaków i Włochów Wink
Post update:
Post update: ...
mods progress
[Image: e388f9ecd963.jpg]

[Image: ba8fee8912b9.jpg]

[Image: d538a026b166.jpg]
You furnished your interiors so nice.There is homey atmosphere Smile
Good work for remain work Wink
kermes:x8lqk9cc Wrote:[Image: ba8fee8912b9.jpg]
How I said, an interer's beautiful Smile
But from voice acting to subtitles don't need give up: it's your shtick, but importantly don't surrender, it will be fine! [Image: kolobok_addon_yes.gif]

Как я и говорил, интеръер красивый! А от озвучки своей в пользу субтитров полностью не отказывайся: это твоя фишка, и этого не надо отступать, но и не перебарщивать, и тогда всё будет просто замечательно! :-)
Comrades, this day has come, I post the first part of my mod "Adventures Yury A." (first part very brief, and the second will be a lot more). Modification on russian language.
Mod download - ... %D1%8B.rar
Enjoy the mod!
I can't download. File isn't found. Can you upload this on another website?
I upload, download here -
Really thanks. I will test it soon!
for working savegames - вот исправленный textdb_ru -

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