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What was Mafia II?
Hello all,


Finally decided to post on the forums. I do not know if this would be okay to post here, or if it would step on anyone's toes, but I guess I'll try. For a while now, my friend and I have been playing M2MP, looking at the map, and we've found a lot of suspicious locations. They seemed to have been something, yet are nothing. I don't know if these were cut from the game or not, yet they seem like they were once more than what they are now.


A general list of the locations:


The Twister- A theater which has evidence of being cut from the game, is very detailed.


Rick's Records- Haven't seen this anywhere else, but Rick's Records is in the same area as The Twister, and has the infamous dull glass, giving evidence of being cut. It is very detailed as well.


Hillwood-  On the hill with the observatory, there are certain detailed houses that stand out against their surroundings, which also have the glass that other cut locations do. They typically have a two car garage, but a few have one car garages as well. Also, to back our theory, all houses which my friend and I believe were "cut", have these wanted posters somewhere in the general proximity. It may be nothing, but is also very suspicious. Houses which appear to be nothing do not.


Barber Shop-  Around the same location of where Vito's mother lives in the story, there is a barber shop which you can see inside. It seems pretty detailed to have been nothing, and if you go to your Mafia 2 directory, and search "barber", there are sound files as well.


I would like to ask if there is any way to "enable" these cut locations, it seems like such a waste that they were unused. I don't know if it's possible, but could models remain in the game code? I'm far from an expert on modding, but I wanted to see if anyone else noticed these places as well or knew anything else about them.



I enabled the barbers, its in the walk to your mothers script file the rest I haven't a clue I will look into it 100%

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