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Next Project: Capoletti 1922
I have done almost no work on it as of this point, except an Idea and a Video

Good Luck!
good mafia 2 mods will always be appreciated.
DRIVERMAX:2hzjgaym Wrote:good mafia 2 mods will always be appreciated.

I did two when it first come out, Redemption Mod and Vito's Vendeta (a simple skin and voice change) when I relaized the game was not modable like the first...I gave up
Alright, we are at the very beginnning this, I am building a new city , or rather neighbothood for this mod. Everything will be much smaller, closer.

Again and Shamelessly my inspiration for this is the early section of God Father 2

But my neighborhood will be a waterfront neighborhood

I started with mise02-ulicka which I moved to the tutorial file, although that might change. and i removed EVERYTHING but the roads sidewalks people and cars, the ground you see here, is not what will be seen, except in various and sundry wholes in the scenery, I didn't want anyone to see blue sky between buildings.
[Image: bb1.jpg]

The Waterfront will play a big role in the game so i faked one in for the moment, I doubt it will stay quite like this
[Image: bb2.jpg]
[Image: bb3.jpg]

So this is the base, from which Capoletti 1922 will rise
I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of the mod. Looks like it's gonna be awesome! Smile Wish you luck, Matteo!
Woah, i look forward to this
Okay an update on the city building for Capoletti 1922

I have moved the water front forward, but its not all there yet

Details Details Details

[Image: wf1.jpg]

Took out the grass parking strip and curb here, but I need to finish the street a little better...and the lighting is too bright

[Image: wf2.jpg]
I refaced the piers to brick, Added wood barriers and of course the buildings. I only going to use smaller buildings to give it a cozier feel. Sidewalks will be in some places, but only the church will have grass parking strips. The trolley tracks will be converted into street freight rail system (simualted, not running) that will run off from off the board to a dockside warehouse. The overheads are already down.

[Image: wf3.jpg]

[Image: wf4.jpg]

The mission I am using is limited but amenable to change
Nice! thanks for the update
Keep working! Maybe it will be good mod.
You shouldn't even doubt this mod is gonna be great, AZZO
Great Smile
Detailed screens, and nice idea to make traffic for the town, it makes it more realistic Wink
Good work
JOJOXX I am too lazy to make traffic, the mission I am building this off of, already had traffic ;D

A Little more of the city is done but I have a lot of work ahead of me,

once I lay the base city, then I have to copy it four times, for the four chapters this mod will have

In Capoletti 2 I spent a lot of time fussing with non-mission related things, just seeing what I can do

well been there done that, don't need to do the Chicago club or burning building again, So this mod is going to be more like the game

A series of Missions in a Series of Chapters, that will lead to rise Of Tomas Capoletti in this neighborhood

Here is some more of the town
(The light is still way to harsh, but I'll get to it)

[Image: t1.jpg]

[Image: t2.jpg]

[Image: t3.jpg]

[Image: t4.jpg]

Using the models from the city it doesn't look all that different, but just enough, and I will be re texturing here and there
AZZ012909:11cwkmhh Wrote:Maybe it will be good mod.
Well, well... maybe, maybe ???
Как говорит Станиславский: "Не верю!"

==> Mainzibaer! Greetings, und zur mafiascene willkommen zu heissen Wink
PS. Und Ihr Cars - Horch 853 & Mercedes-Benz G4 - mein Favorit in der Mafia!
This is a ton of work guys, so if you have complaints keep them to yourself ;D
Negative response removed

Ozaka if you don't like me, why don't you go to another section
I'll keep a running tab of progress pictures here

[Image: ulick1.jpg]

[Image: bb1.jpg]

A Neighborhood begins to rise
[Image: ulick2.jpg]
Woah! awesome! Big Grin

PS: the third picture is the corner of the salieri's bar road, by where paulie's apartment is?

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