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Next Project: Capoletti 1922
ozaki2000:2zp3bvrk Wrote:Negative response removed

Ozaki if you don't like me, why don't you go to another section
Well, firstly, Ozaki - this is my favorite singer.

Do you not like criticism? I only said that Michael Safarik projects also missing, but he was never proud so it how you! It's not good! And in the previous post did not have anything to edit it ;D

==> Matteo, and why blocked Mainzibaer? Because he's cooler than you? (>_<)

And I have no unpleasant feelings to you, this can't be! I just don't understand why you are so not a drop of comradely criticism does not digest? And in your topic I stopped to write - either positive or negative - I just felt uncomfortable for Mainzibaer.

And I truly admire those who continue to this day to do something for Mafia-old-lady , and it's true! But I do not like clowns, flatterers and proud men! (>.<)
PS. Pardon, in PM was unable to write (#^_^#)
Ahem, back on topic..

Screens look great Matteo! I only just saw this thread, apologies.
Looks like you jumped on the bandwagon to make new city areas like a few of us Smile

Looking forward to more updates soon.

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