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Car Mods?
Hi guys I Was searching the net where I Found this site: It has several Mafia II Car mods for download the downloads take you to a mediafire link and after the download to get the archive password you have to complete a survey which I Didn't complete because I Have never succedded to finish any survey. as you can see in the website the photo for 2012 Mercedes Benz S65 AMG is fake it's from a GTA4 Mod. but the rest seem ok. any of you guys have seen this website, Do you have the cars? are they working?

All the rest are fake as well. Firstly, so far it has not been possible to replace car models in Mafia 2, since the game devs left no such option for modders. And it's easy to see that the other ones are hoaxes as well. Open, say, the BMW image and zoom in, you'll see the car has been photoshoped into the screenshot. I am almost 100% sure these are not legit.

Yeah I Just saw that the BMW is fake. Thanks for the reply mate!

No probs  Smile

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