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Police Mod
Mafia Lost Heaven has Police mod, so why not Mafia 2?


Police mod for Mafia 2, can anyone make it?



You become a police officer(You will never get wanted level for stealing cars(Official police bussiness), or anything else. You should get wanted level only when you kill more than 2 civilians/officers.)


You can freely roam around the city with your cop car with your partner too. You can involve on random fights,shootout or violators(Passing by red light, etc).


To fine, approach the violator and press a button. To stop a fight, approach and press a button to stop fights. To stop shootout, kill the shooters. If your partner is killed, you can get one by going to Police station.



I dont need to post more details, who knows who will care about fan's mod requests, so here you are, Mafia 2 Police mod..

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