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JA Free ride v3.0 Virus? (Norton360)
Hi guys i have a little problem with Ja Fr v3.0 setup, change player and missing files for JA. My anti vir ( Norton 360) alert me its a Suspicious.Cloud 2 virus and automatically delete it. Its really virus or only false alarm? I remember when i downloaded ja fr v2.0 year ago and i dont have any problems with it but then i have different anti vir.

Can somebody tell that is just a false alarm and its virus free? I really want to play the new version of my favourite free ride mod for mafia 2.


PS. I new to the forum so hello all >Big Grin
No, there is no virus, there modifications that make anti-virus go nuts but there is no virus, we been playing that JA free ride for months.

By the way welcome in our community.
Welcome to MafiaScene Smile
You can either add the Mafia II executable to your Norton's exception list, or ditch your current AV and install Avast instead.

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