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Mafia 2 Mods
Somewhere at the soon after Mafia 2 Came out, I tried modding it, and was gravely disappointed with my efforts, as I was with the game. In the two years hence, I have softened somewhat on the game and even enjoy playing it on occasion

When Costa broke the game and found and released his freeride mode, there was a glimmer of hope. So I tried again

I called my freeride mod Redemption Mod because I had hopes of really changing it. Redeeming the game from what I thought back then was awful
[Image: 00358410.jpg]

Basically it is freeride, with a couple of additions. V1.3 is where I stopped, and put away the game. (In version 1 Joe would start in random places and it was your job to find and kill him, but I could not find away to tweak the game so Joe and Henry, could be killed. So I made Henry the capo and Vito goes to the Freddy's , clicks on Henry and gets one of 25 missions that roll in order. These missions appear as text on the screen (I could not make Henry talk) and they ONLY work in English. He also pays you for each mission, then you go on your own and do everything from blowing up diners and gas stations to keeping the police busy on the other side of town, while the family pulls something on this side.

Joe is at the OTHER bar the Maltese Falcon and you can pick him up for a ride along and help....if you can stand his bitching about your driving ;o)

Some features

Invicibility (would it be a matteo mod without it?)
Saves at the Garages
Saves when you go to sleep
Seasons Change when you go to sleep
Weapons Recharge when you sleep
Joe and Henry are at their Homes at night
Henry gives you 30 missions
Joe will ride along
V1.2 game with a fully stocked garage, Gun Locker and clothes closet, but I dialed those all back for Version 1.3

Costa and Gvosden get fulll credits for their work that I built off of.

Like I said I have stopped modding mafia 2 but I might as well share it.
Vito's Vendeatta

[Image: 00358412.jpg]

I did another mod for Jimmy's vendetta, but it is not whole.

Basically I took Jimmy out and put Vito in but it has the following problems

1. I could not replace all of Jimmy's voice, so when driving you still hear Jimmy (other times as well) but it just sounds like Vito being gruff

2. The Mission load screens still have Jimmy's picture on them

3. The intro mission has an issue where no face shows on the model, the Black Head. But that only occurs in the jail scene

Like I said it's not whole, but I like playing Vito better than Jimmy

Download Vito's Vendetta
Note: If you load both of these mods, make sure sure the text_default file from Redemption Mod is the one in your SDS Eng File
I haven't modded M2 for more than a year and have no plans to so do, as it is not nearly as Mod Friendly as M1

But I ran across these again and thought I would put them up
Nice! I'll try these when i get a chance Big Grin
Thanks for sharing
I had them, they're awesome, but I didn't know you are an author of them 8)
Thanks Buddy
Has anyone made a good modding tool for M2?

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