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Remove Hats
I've seen photos of Vito without hats like in his biker outfit.

Can someone please share with me how that's done?

and if it's a mod, why can't I find it?

Hello there little guy,

Here's an Solution for you:

The ability of Removing Hats is Available in the Free Roams.

For e.g. Epilog High Time


How to: 

[Image: tumblr_nb2lhlT8Q41sqd56ho1_1280.jpg]

1. First Step: Open Load Chapter ( After Installing the Mod )

[Image: tumblr_nb2lnpZOvb1sqd56ho1_1280.jpg]

 2. Second Step: Choose Free Ride.
And then chose Weather you want to use.

[Image: tumblr_nb2ltsF5061sqd56ho1_1280.jpg]

3. Go exactly to that Place in the House and when you see the: Action press E to Open the Menu, Where you choose Next.

[Image: tumblr_nb2lzwvNCR1sqd56ho1_1280.jpg]

4. Fourth and the Final Step: Press the R and your Hat will dissapear.

And also don't forget to have Update IV installed.

Hope I helped You and everything is gonna work well !

If so, I would appreciate: Like This to my Post. Have Fun !

Thanks for the info.

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